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Formica Leo
Formica Leo
Formica Leo

Javi Lorbada

Formica Leo

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At 2218m/7277f lays this small volcanic crater. By the Indian Ocean, an island created by Magma, still, today's shows new additions to the land, still, today seems like entering an eruption at any moment, hence the vivid colors.

Shot in September 2018.
5% of this print total value will be donated to GoodPlanet.

By Javi Lorbada

Only 25 Fine Art prints per size.

"Limited edition prints are accompanied by a numbered holographic certificate digitally signed by Javi Lorbada, providing limited edition provenance, particularly relevant should the artwork change ownership in the future."

ⓘ Note: All prints are supplied unframed and should be mounted and/or framed before hanging.
For this purpose and optimal framing, every print size comes with 1 cm white border.

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